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Conditions aren't perfect, struggling to get up on foil, wanting longer downwind runs, missing waves while paddling to the lineup, or just want to unlock spots previously not ridable? We've got the drive to get you flying! 


Foil Drive™ is for the everyday foiler who wants a little more from each session. Simply attach our retrofit kit to your existing setup (No permanent alteration required!), enjoy the extra boost of power with wireless throttle control then glide on foil with zero added drag, just like a traditional foil.


Foil Drive is also the perfect tool for learning or honing your wing skills. Attach the wireless controller to your wing handle and get up in light winds! This can help reduce the required wing size to fly in light conditions. 


  • Custom motor pods for 40+ brands 
  • Ergonomic handheld or paddle mounted controller
  • Wing, downwind, flatwater, SUP Surf, and wake theiving 


WING On low wind days, Foil Drive™ provides the power to get on foil. Attach the controller to your wing, or use the included wrist lanyard, then wingding as usual with with a high motor position, no worries getting back to shore!


DOWN WIND Motor further offshore to line up longer runs and conserve energy! With added thrust, run smaller, faster wings and link sections with the security of the motor if you fall. If conditions change or you miss your mark, no need to paddle back to shore.


SUP SURFING Traverse to isolated areas or further out for longer runs, link waves and boost back to the line-up in no time. You'll catch more waves than you can manage, and get out for epic sessions in conditions that aren't traditionally worth a look!


Flat water Foil Driving (Efoil) The Assist PLUS™ enables you to fly around on flat water! Re-use your existing gear and fit the Foil Drive™ for learning, teaching, practice or just cruising around on flat water!



- Foil Drive Assist Plus with stubbie cooler prop protector

- Folding Propellers 

- Motor pod with custom mast profile 

- Waterproof electronics box

- Foil Drive Assist PLUS 12ah 28.8v Battery

- Wireless throttle controller with custom paddle mount (Left or Right) and wrist floaty

- 110-240v Battery Charger with Lipo Safe Charge/Storage bag

- Wireless induction charger for controller

- 3M Dual Lock adhesive fasteners for mounting electronics box to board

- 3M adhesive-backed Board Cable Guide for securing the motor wire to board

- Mast Cable Guide for securing the motor cable to trailing edge of mast. For low mounting of the motor for e-foiling, you will require additional mast cable guides available here.

- M3 x 2.5mm hex driver

- Spare folding propeller blades (x2) Note: If upgrading to Alloy props, spare props aren't included

- Spare bolts (inside driver handle)

- Reusable zip tie


Foil Drive Assist Plus is not designed to be used on a Prone or Tow style, low volume Foil Boards. Due to the wireless connection, the box must remain above the waterline during usage.

Install weight: 3.7kg

Operating Voltage: 28-32v

Max Thrust: 24.5kg

Runtime: 30min-3hrs depending on throttle usage and other variables (Surf Session 2-3hrs appx.)

Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs

Install time: 10mins



***Pricing is subjuect to change***


$4,000.00 Regular Price
$3,500.00Sale Price
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